Saturday, February 19, 2011

The freshman fifteen

Caring uncharacteristically, they visited an old folks home, a veterans hospital. They always found it depressing. Microphone design was the rapper’s investment, his best-laid plan. “Here’s a notable fact,” the respected rap vocalist proposed. “We’ll get this broken-down, all of us. Senior care right now leads to our future sponge-bathing.”

They nodded, the freshmen.

I unrolled my sleeves.

Mic cord unfurled, the fronting rapper stood facing our audience. “Over the hill,” he began, the rapper’s voice like clean air circulating. The response was long-overdue: t-shirts shed, lights flashed, ears tingled with the rap lines. It was over before it began, really, but the rap show soothed the elderly.

Effortless freshmen piled into the nearest car, repeating the notable lines that stuck with them while wash-clothing the car’s interior. Headlights on, two green freshmen from Andrew Jackson State College appointed the spent rapper governor.

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