Friday, February 11, 2011

Ron Likes Mathematics


I remember something about a musical teddy bear. He had initiative, the only excuse for so much complacency. The writer’s long-term memory, which can exist in the mind as well as in outside resources such as books, is a storehouse of knowledge. So I wrote about Mr. T, who our, all the girls in our class were in love with him. I remembered him from earlier. I also remember him wearing yellow checkers.


I was the musical teddy bear. The important lesson to be drawn from this almost fearful symmetry is to attempt to describe the other band members: Ron, likes mathematics, land surveying, and business. Leonard, a radical who keeps referring to the social and economic basis for education; and Russell Walters, forged over ten years of rising from stock boy to assistant manager of a large store. Whether factual or hypothetical, one wants to know what happens when Ron decides to “just sit there and watch.” Ron came to college, tried to look at how elements dissociated this way could be rejoined. Ron’s own goals in sixth grade: a trip to the zoo, a trip to the zoo, a trip to the zoo. The resulting imbalance has clear ethical consequences.


Ron, it seems, is not talking. I have to find somewhere I can iron a pair of pants.


I thought for Mother's Day I would tell you some stories about my life. First, ad hominem arguments don’t impress me. Now you may have inferred that I believe that because there is a culture of power and everyone should learn the codes to participate in it. Actually, I was in this little skit that we did about a mother whose son has gone off to war. A lot of the kids smoked. Ron mediated the situation he found himself in and in doing so translated that context into action. He needed some money, he decided, so he auctioned off things like comic books. It sort of livened it up.

I believe in confusion and obscurity, in difficulties with goal-setting. I am thinking of other similar moments of nothing much.

It might be interesting to write something aimed at high school girls, their skirts halfway to their ankles. I could talk about taking a bus ride. It might be interesting. But the redistribution of the past according to modern criteria, this game is twofold: at the same time fictional and autobiographical. I was the musical teddy bear and so-and-so the kid whoever it was, was very happy to get me and I played some song.

* Certain phrases are taken from certain books, like Janet Emig’s The Composing Processes of Twelfth Graders
** Notice that Topic Sentence A is an example of a statement assembled by quotations from throughout the paragraph.

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