Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weird Bigoted Hip Hop Lyrics

1. "We gettin money with whoever (even the Jews)." -- Busta Rhymes, on De La Soul's "I.C. Ya'll" from their A.O.I. album where they last-minute censored their own weird bigoted line (See #4).

2. "Jews want the crib when the god dies." -- Raekwon (the god being Raekwon), on DOOM's "Yessir." Oddly enough, he rhymes Jews with "Langston Hughes," just like Busta Rhymes did above.

3. "My behavior's wild like gays." -- Mr. Dead, "Lungevity." Those wild homosexuals.

4. "Work hard like wetbacks." -- De La Soul, "Ooh." De La clipped the offensive word and left dead air for the album's release, but you could hear "Wetback" on the radio single.

5. "Make a couple of nuns a couple of dykes." -- Three Six Mafia, "Stay Fly." Although most people online have the lyrics transcribed as "couple of dimes," I'm pretty DJ Paul says "dykes," as in make some reserved, repressed nuns get "wild like gays."

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